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Are you doing enough to protect your gadgets from theft or any illegal activities that may breach your privacy, giving full access to confidential data?

BAK2u software track down thieves, backup important data, recover stolen devices, erase confidential data, records video of the thief, locate the loss laptops etc

If you have not, try out the free 03 Days Trial standalone* mobile security software that we have developed for mobile phones and laptops.

*no 3rd party monitoring nor storing of your private data unlike other competing products that still store your data in their servers.

What people are saying ? Some Testimonials

  • 12

    Nguyen Quang Huy, Vietnam

    PhoneBAK is very useful :D This soft is a must-have app

  • 18

    Azahar, Singapore

    With all my important data, PhoneBak gives me a peace of mind! And the after sales support is excellent!' (Owner of Samsung Omnia)

  • 22

    Alex Tan, Singapore

    A great product with a great service! Special thanks to Charlene, Gerard and Paddy

  • Anti-theft

    This is an essential piece of software that any BlackBerry users must have, to prevent vital information to fall onto the wrong hands when stolen...

  • Backup & Restore

    Solve the number ONE problem for BlackBerry users on the move; to backup and restore critical information directly "Over-The-Air" to the device without the need to synchronize from desktop!...

  • SMS Backup

    Have all incoming SMS texts received by the BlackBerry, auto forward to any predefined phone numbers with just a single setting!...

  • Blacklisting

    Don't you just hate it when pesky callers call you at the wrong time trying to sell you things that you don't need?...

  • GPS

    Empowers users to locate the whereabouts of vehicles, employees, journalists, agents or family members via their BlackBerry anywhere in the world...

  • Freeware

    Speed dialers, Flashlight...